Thursday, 24 March 2016

Web Designing and Web Publishing

Module 1.Working with HTML
  • Getting Familiar with Web Pages
  • Creating Your First Web Page
  • Adding Text
  • Formatting Text
  • Adding Images
  • Adding Links
  • Working with Tables
  • Creating Forms
  • Creating Style Sheets
  • Formatting Text with Style Sheets
  • Controlling Layout with Style Sheets
  • Adding Multimedia and Other Features
  • Publishing Your Web Pages

Module 2. Adobe Dreamweaver
  • Activating Your Webspace
  • Getting Started
  • Creating a Homepage
  • Design and Layout
  • Inserting and using Tables
  • Adding Design Elements
  • Previewing in Browser
  • Creating Hyperlinks
  • Inserting Special Media
  • Uploading Your Site

 The Author is working for KBufferIndia, one of the premier Institutes in Web Designing.

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