Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Using Flash in E-Learning

o   Basics
o   Drawing and Painting in Flash
o   Importing Graphics into Flash
o   Staying Organized with the Library and Layers
o   Controlling Color
o   Applied Layout Techniques
o   Understanding Animation
o   Using Motion Tweens to Animate
o   Using Shape Tweens to Morph
o   Advanced Animation with Inverse Kinematics
o   Simulating 3D Animation
o   Reusing Your Animations with Motion Presets
o   Including Sound in Animations
o   Nesting Animations in Movie Clip and Graphic Symbols
o   Creating Special Effects
o   Basic Interactivity
o   Introducing Components
o   Using Components
o   Using Video
o   Linking a Movie to the Web
o   Designing a Website to Be Modular
o   Minimizing File Size
o   Optimizing Performance
o   Publishing a Creation
§  Assignment, Test, and Certification

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