Thursday, 29 September 2016

Adobe Illustrator Training in T.Nagar

Adobe Illustrator
This Course in meant for people who are highly focused in learning and mastering Adobe Photoshop.  Anyone with basic creativity and interest in Graphics, Art, or any related field can take up this course. Also, People in Technical Writing, E-Publishing, Printing, Traditional Publishing, Data Conversion, and Content Development can join this course.

SESSION 1          
Module 1: What's New in Illustrator CS5?
SESSION 2          
Module 2: Understanding Illustrator's Desktop
Module 3: Working with Illustrator Documents
SESSION 3          
Module 4: Understanding Drawing and Painting Techniques
Module 5: Creating Objects, Graphs, and Symbols
Module 6: Learning How to Select and Edit
SESSION 4          
Module 7: Understanding Colour, Gradients, and Mesh
Module 8: Using Illustrator to Organize Objects
SESSION 5          
Module 9: Working with Type
Module 10: Using Creative Strokes and Fills with Patterns
SESSION 6          
Module 11: Applying Transformations and Distortions
Module 12: Using Path Blends, Compound Paths, and Masks
SESSION 7          
Module 13: Using Live Trace
Module 14: Using Live Paint
Module 15: Working with Graphic Styles and Effects
SESSION 8          
Module 16: Creating 3-D in Illustrator
Module 17: Understanding PostScript and Printing
SESSION 9          
Module 18: Customizing and Automating Illustrator
SESSION 10        
Module 19: Creating Web Graphics
Module 20: Illustrator Workflow
SESSION 11        
Shortcuts in Adobe Illustrator
SESSION 12        
Assignment, Test, and Certification
 The Author is working for KBufferIndia, one of the premier Institutes in Technical Writing.

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