Saturday, 3 September 2016

Adobe Captivate in Technical Writing

  Adobe Captivate

 What is Captivate?
 What is new in Captivate?
 Key Features and typical areas of application
 The Work Environment in Captivate
 Branching View
 The Size and Position Tab
 The Filmstrip
 Toolbars and Menus
 Working Colors with the Color Picker
 Movie Preferences
 Object Properties Management
 Branching Management
 Editing & Exporting Branching Views
 Recording Options and related Tips
Recording Modes
 Setting the Recording Capture Area
 Full Motion Recording
 Recording New Application Movies
 Adding Slide Notes
 Adding Text Captions
 Creating Rollover Captions
 Converting Tooltips to Rollover Captions
 Importing & Exporting Captions
 Adding Audio
 Audio Recording Options
 Using Audio with Slide Objects
 Advanced Audio Management
 Adding Multimedia
 Adding Images
 Adding Rollover Images
 Adding Animations
 Adding Animated Text
 Adding Animation Slides
 Preparing Video for Captivate
 Progressively Downloading FLV Files
 Streaming FLV Content
 Adding Interactive Elements
 Adding Highlight Boxes
 Adding Click Boxes
 Adding Text Entry Boxes
 Adding Buttons
 Adding Interactivity
 Creating Branching Movies
 Scenario Simulations with the Project Wizard
 Scenario Simulations Using Templates
 Creating Question Slides
 Creating a True/False Question Slide
 Creating Fill-in the Blank Slides
 Creating Matching Question Slides
 Creating Multiple Choice Question Slides
 The Quiz Manager
 Adding Zoom Areas
 Editing Zoom Areas
 The Advanced Interaction Dialog
 Linking Movies With the Menu Builder
 Creating a MenuBuilder Project
 Modifying a MenuBuilder Project
 Adding Interactivity to Your Menus
 Exporting MenuBuilder Projects
 Publishing Movies
 Publishing EXE Files
Publishing Flash Files
Publishing Movies as Handouts
Publishing to the Web Using FTP

 The Author is working for KBufferIndia, one of the premier Institutes in the field of Technical Writing.

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