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Post Graduate Diploma Course in Technical Writing

Post Graduate Diploma Course in Technical Writing

This course is designed to suit people who are already into Technical Writing and want to enhance or fine-tune their skills and acquire a cutting edge over others. Those who have already completed the Diploma Course in Technical Writing from KBuffer and those who are looking at Career options as a Professional Technical Writer can also take this. In short, those who have a mission and a vision in pursuit of Technical Writing career is suggested this course.

PG Diploma in Technical Writing

Method of Instruction:
·        Direct from our Centre
·        Online through our Instructor-led Virtual Classroom
·        Self-Paced Learning through our Web Interface
·        Blended (A mix of the methods mentioned above)

Course Curriculum
Types of Writing
·         Introduction to the Writing Process
·         Introduction to Technical Writing
·         DDLC
·         Types of Technical Writing
o   Procedural Writing
o   Paragraph Writing
o   Report Writing
o   Writing for Electronic Media

Microsoft Manual of Style for Technical Publication
1.    General Topics
2.    Content Formatting and Layout
3.    Global Content
4.    Content for Software Developers
5.    Web Content
6.    Grammatical Elements
7.    Punctuation
8.    List of Abbreviations and Acronyms

Various Types of Documents Created by Technical Writers
1.    Proposal
2.    User Guide
3.    White Paper
4.    Fact Sheets

Publishing Concepts
1.    Variable Headers and Footers
2.    Using Em Dash, En Dash, and so on
3.    Using White Space
4.    Color Theory
5.    Font Theory
6.    Printing Basics

Advanced Concepts of Technical Writing
·         Introduction to Structured Authoring
·         DITA – Theory and Practice
·         XML – taking documentation to next level
·         Different Manual of Stylesheets which explain usage of appropriate Terminology, Tone, and Language

·         Advanced Microsoft Word
·         Adobe Technical Communication Suite which includes:
o   Adobe FrameMaker (including Structured Authoring)
o   Adobe RoboHelp
o   Adobe Captivate
o   Adobe Photoshop
o   Adobe Acrobat
·         Adobe InDesign
·         Microsoft Visio
·         Techsmith Snagit
Regular Assignments
Two Tests
Final Exam

The Author is working for KBufferIndia, one of the premier Institutes for Technical Writing.

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